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When I was studying medicine, I never learned about the Microbiome (colonies of various microbes that reside in your gut and elsewhere in and on your body), and the importance of the gut to keep optimum health. Actually, this is a very “new discovery”; articles related to this topic started appearing just 5 years ago and now you hear some medical words such as fecal transplantation…yes, you hear right, and this is becoming revolutionary to treat many diseases, mainly neurological related.

A heart is similar to the sun in many ways. Its energy is constant and enduring, but without it life cannot survive. When the heart is strong, it's easier for all other body processes to operate at optimal levels. And with heart disease being the leading cause of death in the U.S., cardiovascular health has never needed more of our attention. It is vital that you do everything in your power to protect your life supply, which is why Synergy created a heart health pack that will give you peace of mind as you supply your heart with the fuel it needs for a long life. 

Powered by ProArgi-9+, e9 and ProArgi-9+ Active, Synergy's Fitness Elite pack fuels your body with the energy it needs to maximize each workout and the nutrition necessary to expedite recovery and prepare your body for the next day's challenge. Each formula has unique benefits that enhance your fitness regimen but are most potent when combined. Keep packets of all three of these exercise-boosting products handy in your gym bag so you'll be ready to tackle any workout.

Take the guesswork out of weight management with SLMsmart products and ProArgi-9+. This pack offers an array of proteins, amino acids, cleansing herbs, and time-released energy to help you maintain lean muscle mass and embark on a journey to a healthy weight. The combination of unique products and ingredients in the Weight Management line make achieving your weight goals realistic and attainable while filling the nutritional gaps that are often caused by busy schedules and poor diets.

Reinforce your nutritional foundation by addressing the core of your health needs with strengthening and detoxifying formulas. Ensure that your basic nutrition needs are covered and you'll discover a renewed sense of vitality in everything you do. Whether you're in your 20s or your 60s, making the Core Nutrition products a staple in your daily routine will complement your health regimen. Drink in the good and eliminate the bad for stable health.