When I was studying medicine, I never learned about the Microbiome (colonies of various microbes that reside in your gut and elsewhere in and on your body), and the importance of the gut to keep optimum health. Actually, this is a very “new discovery”; articles related to this topic started appearing just 5 years ago and now you hear some medical words such as fecal transplantation…yes, you hear right, and this is becoming revolutionary to treat many diseases, mainly neurological related. Microbiome influences immunity, blood sugar, hormones, cardiovascular system, neurological system, respiratory system, glandular system, the weight and the skin.

The cells that line the gut are like a fortress. They work to keep the good things in (nutrients, vitamins and minerals) and the bad things out (chemicals, toxins, etc.). To a significant degree, our metabolic health is determined by the success of the fortress. When toxins in our gut leak out into the rest of the body, our White blood cells go to work and trigger inflammation, which is the natural enemy to a fully functioning metabolism.

Think of your microbiome as your internal fountain of youth. The more healthy and vibrant you’re core, the more healthy and vibrant you are.

Think of your gut as the nucleus of health and well-being. It should be a repository of nutrition and gut bacteria to fuel our body’s needs. But thanks to our western diets, our core (also referred to as our microbiome) has become a breeding ground for metabolic breakdown.

I invite you to heal your gut and restore your microbiome, you will feel the difference not only in body but in your whole wellness.

With Love, Health and Life
Dr Sandra Rangel