Dr Sandra RangelDr Sandra Rangel

I am Dr. Sandra Rangel, a holistic medical doctor, cancer coach, international speaker and author

I help people to optimize their health, prevent disease and heal - not only physically - but also energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
"Thank you for teaching me that the human being is what he eats. It is revealed in our body, our mind and our actions." - Jacqueline Gabriel

I graduated as a medical surgeon at  El Bosque University, in Bogotá, Colombia. After reversing a stage three cancer in my vocal cord, I reoriented my career towards the holistic and integral management of the human being in order to prevent and even heal cancer and any other chronic diseases or those that are considered by many incurable diseases.

I live with a passion to help people to optimize their health and have a healthy lifestyle. I believe that we all deserve to live vibrantly, full of energy, health, love, and peace.

My program combines the power of advanced nutrition with recipes, supplements, herbs, and lifestyle enhancements to help you achieve your health goals. Since we are not only a physical body, the program that I offer also works on the restoration of the emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual body.

I hope the information on this website helps and motivates you to invest in your health and well-being. Remember that the best way to cure a disease is by preventing it from occurring, so take heart, it is time to optimize your health and fill your life with beauty, joy, energy, and peace now. Contact me if you need my help.


Dr Sandra Rangel

Dr. Sandra

Microbiome healing book by Sandra Rangel

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An optimal microbiome is a key to a life of health and well-being! My book "Our Invisible Friends" is available in three different languages.

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