November 25, 2021

The Power Behind Being Grateful!

As an opinion, for me to live with gratitude is a decision you make daily, seeing the challenges as opportunities to growth, to evolve and change selfishness for love, to see others as mirrors, to stop judging and instead live with compassion and innocence for you and for others.

Not more guilt, not more fear, a life without taking risk is a life not worth living, allowing yourself to be guided by the heart [❤] instead of the mind and the trauma, this is one of the best decisions you can make, and never regret it when things do not go the way you expected just believe it was worthy and trust in the unknown.

Learning that without forgiveness toward you and others is impossible to transcend, transform and experience real happiness.When you make the decision to live in gratitude you open the doors to miracles, you start living as if your prayers were already answered and this is the language of God or the universe or the source, you will see how you start perceiving things and challenges in a different way, your life will be more delightful, synchronicities will start coming to your life.

Gratitude elevates the frequency, the energy causing a boost to the immune system to prevent any disease.During this Holiday Season, I challenge you to see challenges with a different perspective, take the power that live within you to consciously start looking life as a beautiful opportunity to evolve and remove all the obstacles that are stopping you to be your essence which is pure love!

HAPPY Thanksgiving to you all!As a Thanksgiving gift the English and Finnish version of the book has a 40%discount when you apply the code: GRATEFUL 2021



With Love, Health and Life

Dr. Sandra Rangel

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