The Power of the Word!
August 02, 2017

The Power of the Word!

Today I want to share and reflect on something that most people and therapists are unaware of when it comes to optimizing one's health or someone else's health and this is The Power Of The Word.

The word has power to create or to destroy, to curse or bless, can create from cancer to Genesis. The Bible says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God and God was the word and nothing was done without it." In our culture the word creates life.The word has been a vehicle that makes possible a revelation, the transmission of something we are feeling or thinking. The word is a vehicle that can change, modify, alter the behavior of our organism and change the consciousness of reality.Sadly technology has supplanted the word, it is now easier to communicate by a written message than verbally; most adolescents, for example, have problems and a lot of difficulty with verbal communication and expressing things, it is common to see a couple sitting at a table communicating by whats-app ... absurd in my opinion. It is a very different feeling when you can express with words, looking into the eyes what you are thinking and feeling, it is difficult to lie when the person is in front of you, since the gestures, the expressions on the face and the body also speak, which generates trust.There has been an impersonation of verbal language through the last decades and it is not precisely because of the written language, because as a great teacher says, it is not that we are writing more, simply the word is no longer used and valued, every day its value is lost more; Formerly with a word was enough to sign a contract, today for example no one can rely on someone's word to guarantee the payment of a service or a debt. Every day the word is discredited more, you can no longer rely on what TV commercials say to give an example, they promote products that claim health benefits, which are free of chemicals and preservatives ... bla, bla, bla, the reality is totally the opposite.The deception and the lie are supplanting the beauty of the language, honestly it causes me pain to transmit this message but it is the reality that we are living. People lie for everything, according to some historians of life, lies are being used as a mechanism of survival or defense or simply it becomes a custom and people lie for everything ... ah but there is the excuse that "it is a reasonable lie."

One of the many consequences of lying is mistrust. Nowadays, it is difficult to believe in people. There is another consequence that is ignored by the majority of the population, the lie alters our genome and yes, you have listened well, the lie alters our genes and not precisely for the good. Contrary to the above, insofar as the truth is expressed and we tell our real feelings, there is no contradiction, and the truth generates personal and mutual confidence; the feelings and the thoughts are in tune with the words and with the actions, and all these influence in a positive way in our genes (Epigenetics).

A term created by the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine Neijin, is Verbogenética and refers to every word that in one way or another has marked our life either in a positive or negative way ... Remember the word has the power to build or tear down, to transform and create a different consciousness of reality. It is very important as therapists to take this into account, as it is important to teach the patient to decode every word that has caused a negative or traumatic impact on their life.Honestly, when I was studying medicine I never learned about what I am writing ... what sadness because so many diseases can be avoided in patients when they are taught the value of the word.

So what are we going to do about it?First become aware of this reality, become aware of the value of verbal language, speak the truth, lose the fear of expressing, lose the fear of words, and regain trust in the word. Keep in mind that we are words, that everything that comes out of our mouth has power and can be a remedy for ourselves and for others.

To conclude this reflection today, I want to share these words written by José Luis Padilla:"Tell me what words you use, how you use them and in what way, and I will tell you more or less who you are, where you are, what your level of awareness"

Are your words used to create, bless and edify? Are your words true? Or are your words used to destroy, curse and lie?

With Love, Health and Life,

Dr. Sandra Rangel

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